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IHF GmbH is one of the leading clinical consulting and contract research organizations in the field of cardiovascular research in Europe. We manage registry studies and randomized clinical trials with a focus on cardiovascular therapies, risk factors and concomitant diseases, meeting the high standards of a full-service provider in the clinical research segment. As the legal sponsor of numerous clinical studies - including guideline-relevant studies - we enjoy the highest recognition and reputation among medical experts.


Our history

For more than two decades, we have supported our clients with our medical-scientific, regulatory and clinical expertise. IHF GmbH is a spin-off subsidiary of the renowned Foundation Institute for Mycardial Infarction Research, a non-profit academic research institution with the goal of promoting cardiovascular care research and quality assurance in clinical practice. Numerous joint projects between the two institutions have resulted in an extremely successful alliance that is unparalleled in our field.

Over the years, more and more industrial clients have come to appreciate these synergies, so that our institute, as a fundamental bridge between academic and industrial research, makes an essential contribution to medical progress in cardiology.

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Our Team

Our experienced and constant team manages clinical research projects from their conception to publication. Depending on the question, we can draw specifically on an in-house specialist, whether in the field of medicine and vigilance, statistics, IT or operational project management. We also advise on project financing issues and guide through all ethical and legal review procedures. We promote the personal and professional development of our employees and stand for independent work.


Our network

Mit Partnern im In- und Ausland kooperieren wir bereits seit vielen Jahren. Wir sind überzeugt: erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit ist das Ergebnis einer vertrauensvollen Partnerschaft. Unser langjähriger Kontakt zu Klinikern in Deutschland ist ein essentieller Schlüssel für den Erfolg unserer Arbeit. Wir pflegen einen engen Kontakt auch zu internationalen Kollaborationspartnern und können somit multinationale Forschungsprojekte realisieren. Durch unsere zertifizierte Mitgliedschaft im Bundesverband Medizinischer Auftragsinstitute e.V. (BVMA) stellen wir uns nicht nur regelmäßigen Qualitätsprüfungen in Form von Systemaudits, sondern sind auch national und international auf CRO Ebene vernetzt und in einer von vielen Verbänden und Institutionen anerkannten Interessensvertretung immer am Puls der klinischen Forschung.

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