Our team of experts as a strong partner

Our team of specialists supports you with experience, commitment and flexibility.

Through many years of experience in the field of clinical research, but also through continuous development and adaptation to new challenges, we are the optimal support for your research project. We find suitable, customized solutions and guarantee an efficient implementation and achievement of your goals. Close support, as well as standardized work according to high quality standards over the entire project duration, but also a flexible reaction to daily challenges characterize our way of working. This is how we guarantee the success of your study!

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    Your concept

    Together with you, your idea becomes the concept for your study. Jointly we develop the scientific, methodological and statistical specifications for the study protocol and plan a study course that can be reliably realized.

    Together we define criteria for patient safety. We clarify with you which data are necessary for your study and develop the corresponding case report forms form with our EBogen software. You receive clean and valid data for your research.

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    No matter how elaborate your idea is, no matter how sketchy it may still be: You sit down at the table with us and together we work out your idea. You contribute your expertise, we contribute our experience.

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    Your team is ready

    Your team combines specialists with an eye for detail and generalists with an eye for the big picture.

    Your team brings together a lot of talent, a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge. If everyone pulls together, the study will be a success.

  • 04

    Your project starts

    Together with you, we prepare all the relevant documents that must be submitted for the prescribed study procedures.

    We support you and, at your request, also manage communication with ethics committees and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

  • 05

    Everything under control

    Our project managers control your study. They take care of your research on a daily basis. They keep an eye on everything, noticing when there are unforeseen events. Even with the most careful planning, not everything always stays on track. Your team will quickly and flexibly discuss with you the measures that will get your study back on track.

    You will receive status reports and interim results from us documenting the successful progress of your study.

  • 06

    Clinics - The pillars of your research

    Throughout the duration of your study, we maintain contact with the study sites. We take care of the contracts, the fees, all the formalities.

    We monitor patient enrollment, follow up and motivate when participation numbers fall below expectations.

    Our monitors are on site for you. They train the study site staff and familiarize the study assistants with the specific requirements of your study. They make the sites aware of your study and the needed quality of your data.

  • 07

    Patients are the key

    Up to five years after inclusion, we collect data by telephone from the patients in your study and provide you with insights into the long-term success of a therapy.

    Our follow-up rate of 95 percent is well above average. Our patient service staff are responsive to patients. They ask questions as sensitively as they do accurately, thus obtaining results for long-term monitoring within your study.

  • 08

    Publish and present

    We work with you on your presentations and publications. You can also count on us for review processes. With our focus on cardiovascular diseases, we are on the topic. In close coordination with you, we react quickly, review again and answer all open questions.

    If necessary, we also put in a night shift.

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    Your idea, your success

    We congratulate and are happy with you. And we are already very excited about your next idea.

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