11. Jun 2024

The first publication on the GULLIVE-R study will be published in the European Heart Journal – Acute CardioVascular Care (EHJ-ACVC) very soon.

The GULLIVE-R study is a typical medical care research project and was the first major project of the new DGK Center for Cardiology Health Services Research.

The organization and implementation of the study was jointly entrusted to BNK Service GmbH and the Institut für Herzinfarktforschung Ludwigshafen.

The GULLIVE-R study was designed to investigate the use of guideline-adherent secondary prevention therapies and the use of risk assessments in patients in the post-acute myocardial infarction acute phase in everyday practice in Germany.

We are very pleased to announce the acceptance of our GULLIVE-R manuscript for publication in July.

We thank all participants for the very successful cooperation and the great achievement of this joint cooperation.

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