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"The future depends on what we do today." Mahatma Gandhi

This year's Christmas and the turn of the year will be different all over the world. The challenges we have all been facing for months and which will continue to accompany us for some time are more than extraordinary and demand a lot from all of us. Through our work in the field of clinical research and our proximity to everyday hospital life, the Institute for Myocardial Infarction Research is directly aware of the burden that doctors and nurses in hospitals are under. Our great thanks go to everyone in our society who is fighting against this pandemic, be it on a small or large scale.



A big thank you also goes to our employees who, despite everything, show a strong commitment throughout and ensured that we have managed to weather these times as company unscathed so far. The expressed trust of our business partners was and is very great and allows us to look very positively into the New Year. Many thanks for this as well.

We wish our business partners and our employees with their families a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and a good, confident start into the New Year. Take care of yourselves and your fellow humans!




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