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| Dr Anselm K. Gitt, Board of Directors of the Foundation Institute Myocardical Infarction Research, as guest in video conference of member of the German Bundestag Torbjörn Kartes

Dr Anselm K. Gitt, board member of the IHF, reports on his current research results on the COVID-19 situation in hospitals in a video conference hosted by Torbjörn Kartes, member of the German Bundestag

Under the direction of Dr. Anselm K. Gitt, since April 2020 the Institute for Myocardial Infarction Research has been conducting a COVID-19 register on the care situation in hospitals and on the course of disease of COVID-19 patients treated as inpatients, supported and financed by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Invited by the member of the German Bundestag Torbjörn Kartes, Dr. Gitt will report on the knowledge gained during the now one-year pandemic. Through this exchange, Dr. Gitt would like to help citizens better understand the dangers of a viral infection and the immense efforts of medical staff.

Registration details for the video conference can be requested via Torbjörn Kartes' personal website




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