Christiane Lober is a statistician at IHF GmbH.
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"Scramble of data": This was the title Christiane Lober, statistician at IHF GmbH, used to present the database system she developed at the 23rd SAS Users in Research and Development Conference in Berlin.

“Scramble of data” stands for abundant disorder. In fact, a great deal of data from different sources goes into clinical trials: In the study centres, patient data is collected by using the EBogen software, developed by IHF GmbH. However, they also come from research laboratories that use their own systems and sometimes directly from ambulances. Christiane Lober has set herself the task of creating systematics and transparency.

Based on the Entity Relationship Model, which typifies objects and defines their relationships with each other through attributes, she developed a database system with MS Access. Before the data sets are further processed with SAS and statistically evaluated, they have already been defined in this system in a standardized form.

The advantage is obvious: The database system significantly reduces the sources of error that can occur when working with data and is therefore suitable for decentralised organised work processes, as is the case in multicentre studies. It guarantees consistently high data quality, which is appreciated by IHF GmbH clients.


Christiane Lober's presentation met with great interest and numerous participants requested further information. The conference was organized by the cooperation of SAS KSFE e.V. together with the Department of Economics of the FU Berlin. The team of the IHF GmbH is delighted about the successful presentation of her colleague.




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