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| IHF GmbH with new visual identity

We live and breathe teamwork. This is now reflected in our new image.

Maybe you’ve already noticed a couple of familiar faces on our new website. That’s no coincidence. We’ve made our new image more personal, more up-to-date and more contemporary. This is just one aspect of the start of the next chapter in our company’s history.

What does this mean for you, our clients? First of all: in principle, everything will stay exactly the same. IHF GmbH is and will continue to be your reliable partner for cardiovascular clinical research. Our level of dedication will not change and nor will your team. Your trusted contacts will continue to manage your studies, using their responsibility, experience and ability to see the big picture.

Our new image stands for what has been important to IHF GmbH for a long time already: we are dedicated partners. We want to continue to be your dedicated partner in the future.


We would like to get to know you and your ideas.

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