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With the approval of the principal ethics committee in Germany, another important milestone has been achieved for the Institute for Myocardial Infarction Research.

The intensive work in recent months has paid off. Together with Prof. Dr. David M. Leistner, Director of the Clinic for Cardiology and Angiology at the University Hospital Frankfurt and scientific director of the ILUMIEN-V - AERO STUDY, IHF GmbH has developed a study concept that has now been positively reviewed by the ethics committee.

ILUMIEN-V - AERO is an IIT (investigator initiated trial), which is financially supported by Abbott Vascular.

Ilumien - V - AERO is a prospective, non-interventional, international, multi-center, observational study that will enroll 2,000 patients at 25 sites, including Germany. The enrollment of further sites is in preparation. The study will provide results for the evaluation of the current practice of OCT use in routine care and evaluation of the impact of the MLD-MAX algorithm on real world PCI.


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