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| World Heart Day 2021

„Use Heart to Connect“

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been confronted almost daily with the importance of our health. People with cardiovascular disease belong to the group of people with an increased risk of severe disease progression after COVID-19 infection. Today - September 29 - is once again the annual World Heart Day. We all know: a healthy lifestyle can minimize the risks of cardiovascular disease. This year's World Heart Federation (WHF) slogan, "Use Heart to Connect," is a reminder that nowadays we also have digital technologies such as smartwatches, health apps and telemedicine that can help us stay on top of our health. Let's use digitalization to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease! For many years, we - the Institute for Myocardial Infarction Research - have been supporting scientists, medical doctors and industrial companies not only around the “heart”, but also in the use of digital technologies for heart health. These technologies are either the focus of our research projects or find application in the collection of relevant data to answer important scientific questions about cardiovascular diseases.

Take care and stay/become healthy and ... "Use Heart to Connect"!


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