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| First milestone in five months

The study protocol has been released and submitted to the Ethics Committee. The first trial phase of PASSPORT-HF is almost completed.

In April of this year, IHF GmbH was the lead investigator for the largest study nationwide to test telemonitoring of HF patients. In a Europe-wide bid invitation, the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) initiated a study to evaluate a new medical device that monitors the pressure in the pulmonary artery continuously.

Under the scientific direction of Prof. Stefan Störk (Würzburg University Hospital), IHF GmbH has developed a study concept that was successful in the G-BA bidding process. At the time the contract had been awarded, 37 study centres already confirmed their interest in participating in the study.

After five months of collaborative work, the study protocol was approved and could be presented to the ethics committee. As soon as the study concept has been reviewed with regard to all ethical standards that guarantee the safety of the patients, the second performance phase of PASSPORT-HF starts.

The G-BA has published a press release for the award of this trial study, you can access it here:


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