Prof. Dr. Julinda Mehilli investigates treatment approaches for patients with paradoxical aortic valve stenosis.
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| REBOOT PARADOX: First Patient in

First patient enrolled in the REBOOT PARADOX clinical trial at Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich.

The first patient is a milestone for any clinical trial. The joint work of the clinical investigators, the study centres and the project managers of IHF GmbH begins with the first patient. This time, the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Clinic kicked off the project: The clinical trial team of Prof. Dr. Steffen Massberg admitted the first patient to the study. REBOOT PARADOX is the first clinical study to systematically benchmark therapies for paradoxical aortic valve stenosis. Previous investigations have shown that the prognosis for patients with reduction of the aortic valve area can be significantly improved by aortic valve replacement. However, there is still no sufficient database for a reliable recommended treatment. Directed by Prof Julinda Mehilli (Munich), the clinical study focuses for the first time on the particular medical conditions of paradoxical aortic valve stenosis. The study includes two patient groups, one of which is drug-adjusted and one has an artificial heart valve. The IHF GmbH team would like to wish the very first and future patients an early recovery and an improved health with a great quality-of-life.


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