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| Important milestone reached in the study PASSPORT-HF

Recruitment for the PASSPORT-HF study conducted by IHF has started with the inclusion of the first patient!

The study team under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefan Störk (DZHI Würzburg) thus initiates the start of the "hot phase" of every clinical study. Passport-HF is a randomised controlled study initiated by the German Federal Joint Committee (“Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuß, G-BA”) to investigate a telemonitoring approach by recording pulmonary arterial pressure values via an implanted sensor system. First positive effects of this sensor have already been demonstrated in a US study, but further knowledge has to be gained. Should a benefit for heart failure patients be shown, this new type of patient care will be integrated into benefits catalogue of the statutory health insurance system after approval by G-BA. This achievement would be really a great milestone for telemonitoring patient care.This project is one of the first studies, conducted according to the directive of the G-BA to assess the benefit of new treatment methods, for which the IHF project team has done remarkable pioneer work so far. Therefore, we are very pleased about this success!

The team at IHF wishes the first and all following patients quick recovery and best health with a high quality of life!


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