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| CULPRIT SHOCK study redefines guidelines

The analysis of the Year 1 data has confirmed that the ‘culprit lesion only’ strategy provides significant advantages over multivessel revascularisation.

The CULPRIT SHOCK study, directed by Professor Dr Holger Thiele (Leipzig Heart Centre), proves that when only the vessel responsible for the infarction (culprit vessel) is treated, the prognosis for patients is significantly improved in comparison with the multivessel revascularisation process that has previously been recommended. This result has already been ascertained from the data collected at intervals of 30 days and six months after the treatment.

The patient data collected after one year also confirmed this result. Therefore, the results of the CULPRIT SHOCK study have now been included in the European STEMI guidelines and the revascularisation guidelines and have also been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

With over 700 patients and 83 study centres in 11 countries, the CULPRIT SHOCK study was the largest randomised study on the treatment of myocardial infarction patients with cardiogenic shock. It received EUR 6 million in funding from the European Union. IHF GmbH was responsible for the data management and statistical evaluation. We are pleased that our partnership has been successful.


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